Fogging, as the term suggests, uses disinfectant sprayed from a Fogging machine to create what looks like fog in the room. It is an effective way to disinfect high levels of horizontal surfaces, hard to reach areas that are often missed or forgotten and small, and confined spaces such as extractor units.News. Disinfectant fogging is a chemical application method where very fine droplets of disinfectant are sprayed throughout a room in a fog. The disinfectant has to reach a certain concentration level for a specified period to be effective.

How do I prepare my house for fumigation?

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    We need your keys! ...

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    Remove all plants from your home, including those on outdoor patios.

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    Evacuate all people and pets from the structure.

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    Remove mattresses completely enveloped in plastic, such as baby mattresses with waterproof covers, or remove or open the covers.

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