Mite control

The best way to get rid of spider mites is to spray them off with water every 5-7 days. You can do this with a spray bottle of water on smaller plants, and on larger plants, you could take them to the sink or shower and spray them off that way.Insecticidal soap or botanical insecticides can be used to spot treat heavily infested areas. On fruit trees, horticultural oil should be applied early in the season or late in the fall to destroy overwintering eggs. Dust on leaves, branches and fruit encourages mites.


What are the signs of mites?

  • 1

    red, rash-like marks on your skin.

  • 2

    small bumps that can become hard or inflamed.

  • 3

    irritation, itching, and pain near the mark, rash, or bump.

  • 4

    swollen or blistered skin near the bite.

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